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Diamond Exchange API is offering its services over 10 + themes worldwide, and it's well-known in INDIA and BANGLADESH for its exchange services.



Diamond Exchange API creative team crafts high-quality designs, imparting your project with an exceptional touch of excellence to ensure it stands out.

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Diamond Exchange API provides diverse payment options for your convenience. Choose from Net Banking, Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google Pay, and more.



Transparency and accuracy are most important to us and our customers. We conduct business in the most transparent manner.



Diamond Exchange API ensure that every aspect meets the highest standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality and delivering the best possible service.



Diamond Exchange API ensures top-tier security is our foremost priority. Your information never shared at any point.



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About Diamond Exchange API


Diamond Exchange API is a team of creative strategists, tech enthusiasts, and effective communicators, driven by an unwavering passion for the online gaming industry.

Revolutionizing the World of Betting:

For more than a decade, our company has been a prominent force in the sports betting industry, striving to bridge the worlds of sports and wagering. Diamond Exchange API mission is to build lasting connections and offer unwavering support to our clients.

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Changing the Game in Betting:

Diamond Exchange API started with a love for sports and a creative spark, aiming to change how people bet. Diamond Exchange API's goal is to make a safe and exciting platform for fans, whether you're a pro or just getting started or beginer.

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Boosting Integration through APIs:

Diamond Exchange API's services work best when easily connected through APIs. This simple customization ensures smooth information flow, linking your chosen platform with your business units for top-notch framing.

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Unlocking Potential: Leveraging Our Strengths

Diamond Exchange API is not just a company. It's a close-knit family that cherishes every idea and effort. Diamond Exchange API, made up of sports experts, shares valuable knowledge and experience, building strong connections with our clients along the way.

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What Services Diamond Exchange API Provide

Diamond Exchange API comprehensive services cater to diverse needs, delivering tailored solutions with a focus on quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


Betting Exchange

Betting Exchange Provider

“ Diamond Exchange API lead the market, offering premium White Label Betting Exchange services and serving as a trusted Betfair API Provider. Specializing in B2B solutions, our custom betting exchange websites are rebrandable and equipped with a robust system for managing agents and bookies. ”


Sports Betting API

Sports Betting API Provider

“The Live Sports Betting API empowers developers to retrieve real-time sports data through XML or JSON feeds, accessible via URL. Covering diverse sports such as cricket, football, and tennis, the API provides details on live matches, upcoming games, scores, live streams, standings, and statistics.”


iFrame Solution

Providing Iframe Solution

“ Diamond Exchange API iFrame solution delivers a sports exchange iFrame to third-party clients.Diamond Exchange API iFrame tries to fill the gap for those with existing sportsbooks and casinos but lacking a sports exchange. The API iFrame solution is likely designed with security measures to protect user data and transactions.”


Live Casino

Live Sports Casino

“The Live Sports TV API empowers software applications to access real-time sports TV and event data, offering live coverage of cricket, football, and tennis. Diamond Exchange API delivers essential information like event name, location, date, time, and participating teams or athletes.”

Diamond Exchange API's Work OverView

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Explore Diamond Exchange API's work through a series of screenshots that vividly capture the essence of our websites. Each image offers a visual tour, highlighting key elements, features, and designs, providing an in-depth look at the user experience, layout, and overall presentation.


Guidance and Assistance

Explore Diamond Exchange API's FAQs for answers to common inquiries, and don't hesitate to reach out via Whatsapp, Instagram , Facebook, Skype or simply contact us directly if your question isn't covered.

Modern online platforms enabling users to both back and lay bets on various events. Unlike traditional bookmakers, these exchanges allow punters to bet on the occurrence or non-occurrence of events, providing a unique and dynamic betting experience.

Sports Betting Software is legal and widely utilized by professional sports bettors. Ensure proper adherence to local laws and regulations in your jurisdiction when using such software.

1. Ready-to-Use Solution : Diamond Exchange API White Label Betting Exchange provides a fully prepared solution that embodies your brand or company.
2. Premium Features : Tailored for betting exchange operators, Diamond Exchange API offers high-quality servers, appealing design, and a ready-to-use product.
3. 24/7 Technical Support : Benefit from a dedicated technical support team available around the clock to ensure smooth operations

Diamond Exchange API's primary focus is on the Sports Betting Exchange, developed in-house by our IT team since 2005.
Diamond Exchange API's core business is the Sports Betting Exchange, in fact our sports betting Exchange is an in-house product and it has been developed by our IT team since 2005. In addition to the Sport product we also offer White Label Betting Exchange Solution, iFrame Betting Exchange Solution , Live Sports Betting API, Live Sports TV API, Live Scorecard API, Fancy Odds API , Casino, Live Casinos API, Horse Races API ,Greyhound Races Odds and Virtual Games so as to offer "all in one" solutions to our customers.

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